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Tenacious d rock is dead

For their first album, they enlisted the help of drummer Dave Grohl , keyboardist Page McConnell of Phish , guitarist Warren Fitzgerald , and bass player Steven Shane McDonald . The Dust Brothers produced the album. The majority of the songs on their debut album stem from early versions as seen on their HBO TV series, Tenacious D . [4] The record itself does not list the song titles on the back cover as is the convention but instead on the back cover of the jacket; therefore one must open the CD (after presumably buying it) to read them. This is perhaps to allow songs with expletives or words otherwise deemed offensive to escape censorship or omission.

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Tenacious D Rock Is DeadTenacious D Rock Is DeadTenacious D Rock Is DeadTenacious D Rock Is DeadTenacious D Rock Is Dead