Leehom wang gai bian zi ji Wang Lee Hom - Gai Bian Zi Ji 改變自己 at Music Man Concert DVD

Leehom wang gai bian zi ji

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Inspired by Ang Lee 's Lust, Caution , in which he played the role of Kuang Yu Min, Leehom composed "Falling Leaf Returns to Root" ( 落葉歸根 ). [8] The composer of "Falling Leaf Returns to Root" is listed in his album as Kuang Yu Min instead of Leehom Wang. This album also features a duet with 's Selina Jen , "You Are the Song in My Heart", that sees Leehom singing in the Taiwanese dialect for the first time.

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Leehom Wang Gai Bian Zi JiLeehom Wang Gai Bian Zi JiLeehom Wang Gai Bian Zi JiLeehom Wang Gai Bian Zi JiLeehom Wang Gai Bian Zi Ji